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Raspberry Pi Zero Prototyping

After a bit of prompting from a colleague, I decided to start keeping some records of the prototyping and fiddling that I have started with the Raspberry Pi Zero which I acquired recently.  The Pi Zero is the smallest variant of the Raspberry Pi, and is still in rather short supply at the moment.  To give an idea of size, this is what it looks like next to a TWSBI Diamond 580 fountain pen:


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The streets of Melbourne


After collecting a new camera bag for Rochelle, I headed off into Melbourne’s laneways to explore a little ….

It is almost always possible to find something new in the narrow laneways, with walls covered in street art.  The hustle and bustle of the streets present a vibrant panorama that also always offers up new sights.

Although I am looking forward to putting the clocks forward on Sunday, I will miss the soft light in the early evening on the way home from work.  Winter does definitely present the best opportunities for capturing the sights of Melbourne’s streets in the early evening – in summer you must wait much later until the sun starts to dip low, and the light starts to soften.

Macro Photography – G11 Style

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I like to believe there are few days when I don’t learn something new, even if it is something that should be obvious, I guess.  I had always thought that the macro modes on compact cameras were not of any real use.  That was until I read this.  With a little bit of experimenting I discovered that it is possible to achieve some pretty amazing results with a Canon Powershot G11.