2 Wheels

When I first moved to Melbourne, it was my intention to commute, at least a couple of times a week, by bike.

Each way, that is a ride of 35km. I was not as fit as I used to be, so I reasoned that the best way to start was to ride part of the way by train. The good intentions, and a nagging knee injury, didn’t help much until one evening my train got stuck at Footscray station. Having my bike with, the easiest way out was to ride home. Since then I have not looked back. It is roughly a year since I first started doing the commute all the way from Point Cook to South Melbourne.

At the beginning of last Autumn I first decided to take a camera with me on the bike. That has turned into a project to produce a photo-essay of my commute.

I am posting this photo-essay in three parts – covering the early light of the morning, the bright light of the day, and finally winter evenings when night becomes my companion on my way home.  The first instalment covers my morning commute to work. Especially in Winter, the sunrise paints some of the most inspiring vistas.