No more troops?

The steps in front of Flinders street station always seem to have an interesting sight to offer.  Usually you can spot punks or goths decked out in their finery waiting – for what I don’t know – in front of the station.

I was on my way into the CBD when I chanced upon a demonstration against the Australian involvement in the conflict in Afghanistan….

The bemused band of onlookers outnumbered the demonstrators by at least 5 to 1, and the police looked on, their state of boredom clearly visible.

A few of the other onlookers were snapping away at the demonstrators as well.  In the end, I found that the police presented themselves are more interesting photographic subjects than the demonstrators.  They also did not seem to mind my attention, when I had my camera clearly pointed in their direction for a while.  – That’s a gold star for the Victoria police for not harassing photographers.